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Making Your Garden Safe

Puppies will eat anything and everything, luckily they grow out of this and after a few months you can relax a little more.  In the garden, restrict access to plants that are dangerous to dogs these include Daffodil, Hyacinth, Oak, Holly, Bird of Paradise. Click here to see more foods and plants dangerous to dogs.

Also if you are prone to get foxes in your garden, until a few days after your puppy has had his second vaccination keep him away from any area they may have been.

The disease that we are most concerned about in the UK is Canine Parvovirus. Foxes are susceptible to this disease and the virus can survive for quite a while in infected faeces. Therefor there is a possibility that a wild sick fox could defecate in the garden where puppy plays and he could be contaminated by contact with this.

If worried or unsure, clean an area close to the house, fence off or use a puppy pen.