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Puppy’s First Night

Puppy’s first night in his new home can be a trying experience for both of you. Its the first time he has spent the night away from his mother and littermates. Because dogs are pack animals, your puppy instinctively knows that being separated from his pack is dangerous. Whining and crying at night is puppy’s way of calling for his pack to find him.

With a little preparation you can minimise the anxiety.  At about 6 or 7pm take away any food and water. Shortly before you go to bed spend some time playing with puppy, this will help tire him ready for sleep. Just before bed take puppy out to his soiling area and wait for him to go. When he does, praise him and bring him back inside. This reinforces good behaviour and begins the house training process.

At first you may want puppy to sleep near you in the bedroom for a few nights, this will reduce the chances of whining and crying, also the constant contact  throughout the night will help puppy adjust to you and establish you as pack leader. One note of caution Don’t let puppy sleep in the bed with you, this can lead to numerous behavioural problems as your puppy grows. If you are using a crate then put this near your bed or his basket or just a blanket (If using a basket or blanket its a good idea to tether him close to it, as dogs don’t like to soil their beds, but may try to wander to another part of the room). For the first few nights its a good idea to take him out for a bathroom break in the night (always carry him, or he may be tempted to go before you get outside), extending the time a little each night until you are up to 6/7 hours and are able to have a good nights sleep yourself.