Regency Reds

Regency Reds Australian Labradoodles

Supplies You Need

Bowls for Food and Water

You will need to have at least two bowls, one for food and one for water. Choose easy to clean bowls that are dishwasher safe. Ceramic or stainless steel bowls are good, as they cannot be damaged by chewing and they have a smooth surface that cannot harbour as much bacteria as plastic ones.

Make sure puppy always has access to clean fresh water, keep the bowl filled and change his water daily.


All Regency Reds Australian Labradoodles start their lives on high quality food. Talk to your breeder about what they have been using to feed your puppy on, you can either continue to use this or change to your preferred brand. Look for a complete and well balanced quality puppy food with nothing artificial added. Changing his food overnight can cause severe gastric distress. You will be given a few days supply when you collect your puppy, so gradually change by mixing the foods together until after a few days he is eating just the new food.

Puppies require more frequent feeding than adult dogs. You should feed your puppy three meals a day until he is about 5 months old. It is best to measure out the recommended daily requirement and divide this by the number of feeds. After this time you can cut the feeds down to 2 a day at about a year old you can continue with 2 feeds or feed just once a day.

Don’t worry if your puppy doesn’t eat much at first, he will need time to settle in to his new home.

For more information on the different types of food available to dogs look on the Feeding page on this site.

Beds and Bedding

You can choose to either use a basket or to crate train your puppy, either way its best to get two sets of washable bedding, ‘vet bed’ is very good as liquid soaks through and it stays dry and comfortable for puppy to lay on if he’s had an accident, its also stronger than most other material if puppy decides to try and shred it.

If you choose to get a basket get a tough rigid plastic one, once again tougher for Puppy’ s teeth.

Crates are a very popular alternative, its one of the easiest ways to achieve good house trying habits. A crate is also a safe comfortable place to keep your puppy while you are away from home or when you travel with him.

A puppy that is carefully introduced to a crate will usually find it a pleasant and secure place to be. Dogs don’t like to soil their bedding, you should be able to build the time up you leave your puppy in there without a toilet break, until you are able to leave him overnight 6-8 hours. Don’t leave puppy in there for long periods during the day, if he needs some quiet time, or you need to pop out for a short while its fine. Leave the door open when he’s not in there for a reason, he may choose to take his naps in there himself. Always make sure puppy has water available to him.

Collar and Lead

Although you can’t take puppy out until a few days after he has completed his course of vaccinations. You can spend this time getting him used to wearing his collar and walking him on the lead in your house and garden.

Puppy will grow quite a lot over the next few months, so buy an adjustable collar so you can increase the size as he grows. You should be able to easily slip two fingers in-between the collar and his neck. You don’t want the collar too tight or too loose.

Because Regency Reds Australian Labradoodles will grow beautiful long fleecy coats, the best collars to use are rolled leather ones as they minimise matting around the neck. You can find them online in many colours.

Even though puppy will have a microchip it is still the law that he wears a collar with an identity tag on it (with postcode and phone number) whenever he is in a public place.

Brushes Combs and Dog Shampoo

Grooming isn’t just about untangling your dogs coat and making them look good, its a bonding experience that reminds them of being back with their mother. Australian Labradoodles need regular grooming with a slicker brush to get rid of tangles and a metal comb. Its also useful to have a matt breaker for difficult tangles. As puppy grows he will need more grooming particularly between 10 months and 2 years when the adult coat is developing. Brush and comb once a week, making sure you comb right through to the skin. When the adult coat has come through brushing and combing will become quicker and easier.

If you prefer your dog to have a shorter coat you can take him to the groomers 2/3 times a year, do check they can give an Australian Labradoodle cut and don’t give a poodle cut. A good idea is to find pictures on the web of how you would like your dog to look and take them with you. Or learn how to clip or scissor cut yourself.

With dogs that don’t moult you need to pluck the hairs from the inside of their ear canals and around the inside surface of the ear, to do this use your fingers and plucking powder available online. You can check out you tube for videos on how to do this.

Australian Labradoodles need the occasional bath, about once every 6/8 weeks is ideal. Use a dog shampoo with natural ingredients and a conditioner to keep the coat healthy and shiny. ‘Wild Wash’ make a good one, this is available online.

You will need to clip your dogs nails from time to time, so its worth getting some nail clippers, and the earlier you start, they will get used to it and make less fuss.

For more information look on Grooming page.

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