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Regency Reds Australian Labradoodles

Toilet Training Your Puppy

Regency Red breeders will have already started toilet training your puppy, by sectioning a part of their pen off with newspaper for this purpose and encouraging puppies to use it. Also they may have been out in the garden in an enclosure and been able to void on the grass.

When you get your puppy home, you should restrict him to areas where an accident won’t do much harm and can be cleaned easily, take him out frequently (once an hour to begin with, also after a meal and after a nap) put him down, don’t speak to him at all until he is going to the toilet, then use whatever word you want to use in the future as your command (I use ‘wee wee’) then praise your puppy when he has finished. Puppy will begin to associate that word with you wanting him to go to the toilet.

Some people like to leave a small area indoors with newspaper, just in case he needs to go and you miss it, gradually as his bladder gets stronger and he remembers that you are pleased with him when he goes outside you’ll find less need for the paper and can remove it.