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Adopting a puppy

Adopting a puppy

Adopting a puppy

Owning a puppy is a 12 -14yr commitment and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Australian Labradoodles are dogs that love to be around people and wouldn’t thrive well being left all day on their own. Fully grown they need at least 40 minutes walk a day and a garden to run around in.


They have an active mind and this needs to be stimulated with training and having fun with their family.


What next

If you think you can fulfil all these requirements please email and asked to be placed on the waiting list (currently 12-18 months) Kim will ask you about yourself if she is confident you will make a good family for one of her beloved puppies, then the next step will be to place a deposit. And wait for your turn to own one of these gorgeous family companions

When the litter has arrived you will be updated weekly on mum and puppies progress, with photos and videos.

When puppies are 5/6 weeks old you will be invited to visit the puppies and meet their mother. At this time you will be able to see all parents health documentation.

Before leaving the breeders, puppies  will have been regularly wormed they’ll be microchipped, and will have been health checked by a qualified vet.

At 7 weeks old, puppies will be temperament tested, then decisions will be made as to which puppy is best suited to which family. Collection day will be when puppy is eight weeks old.

When you come to collect your little bundle of fun to take home. He/she will leave the breeders with a few days worth of food, any relevant documentation and a cuddly toy and a blanket with scent from mother and siblings, a grooming kit and five weeks free insurance.

Puppies will have a ‘companion pet contract’ that will need to be signed by the purchaser and the breeder.

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