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Guardian Program

Guardian Program
Regency Reds Guardian Program

What is a guardian home?

A guardian home is a pet home for a dog that we feel has the potential to be a breeding dog in our program.

How much does it cost to be a guardian home?

There is no adoption fee for the puppy. The puppy lives with his/her host family and grows up as their pet. The guardian is responsible for all costs they would be responsible for with any pet; food, toys, routine vaccinations, insurance etc.


How does it work?

Within the first year the puppy will have health tests to determine whether or not he/she has sufficient health scores to become a breeding dog in our program. If he/she passes they will continue to live their life as the guardians pet but will also be a breeder for ‘Regency Reds’

How long does the guardian agreement last?

Our guardian girls have a maximum of three litters. Females retire from breeding at approximately 4 years old. Males retire from stud services at 6 years old.

What happens when the dog is pregnant?

For each mating she will visit the breeders home. Gestation for a dog is approximately 9 weeks, most of this time will be spent with her guardians, most of this time activity levels will be the same as when she wasn’t expecting puppies, and there are few restrictions. Approximately 10 days before she is due she returns to the breeders home to have her puppies and stays until they are weaned at approximately 7 weeks. 

May we visit the dog while she is with you?

The family are welcome to visit their dog while she is with her puppies.

Males won’t ever have to stay away from your home, they will visit the breeders for mating a few times a year.


What Happens when her breeding career ends?

Once the guardian agreement is fulfilled for a female at approximately the age of 4yrs. We will spay her and turn over all ownership paperwork to the guardian family. In the case of a male at 6 years he will be neutered. They will then live out their years as a pet.

What happens if the dog fails their health testing?

If the guardians dog does not pass their health testing they will not be bred from. Failing health testing does not mean the dog is not healthy, it just means they did not make a high enough scores to participate in our breeding program. The dog would then be spayed/neutered and turned over to the guardian family with no further obligation to us.

If you are interested in becoming a guardian to a Regency Red dog please email

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