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Dear Kim,

I am delighted to offer a testimonial to Regency Reds, and you in particular. We adore our Betsy and are ever grateful to you for choosing her for us. She is such a good natured creature: lots of character and masses of energy, but always friendly and incredibly affectionate. She loves, and is good with, everyone - adults, children, other dogs (especially puppies) and is a delight to take on walks, when she will happily play with anyone who wants to, or just go mad on her own. Once she’s had her exercise she settles down and is wonderful, quiet company. 

We were impressed with Regency Reds, and felt very comfortable buying from you as we could see the care and attention you went to with every litter. We were particularly happy with the fact that you checked the temperament of each puppy and made sure they each went to the right home. We certainly got the right one!

You have some photographs from Facebook, but I attach two recent ones. 

Many thanks again for letting us have Betsy. What a joy she is being!

Best wishes 




My Charlie is the most wonderful pup I could ever wish for. He loves everyone and everything and was so easy to train it almost seem like I don’t deserve him. He makes me smile every day from the time I wake up. When Kim put him first in my arms I knew he was a special pup.  Thank you so much Kim for this amazing little bundle of joy. I will definitely come back for more in a couple of years 😍😍



We’re absolutely in love with Scooby, who we took home in August 2021 from Chilli and Cupid’s litter. He is loving, playful and very intelligent.


So many people have commented on what a good boy he is, and on his gorgeous coat. Kim was great during the whole process and gave us lots of helpful information which was very much appreciated as first time dog owners!


We would 100% recommend Kim if you are thinking of adding an Australian labradoodle to your family. 


Mary and Raj

Guardian Sandy.JPG


We picked up our girl puppy from Kim in October 2021. The whole process was easy and I felt Kim took care to answer all of my questions and provided a pack of information on how to care for our puppy. Kim had a behavioural specialist visit the puppies before she assigned them and the specialist could not have been more correct.


Our girl is lovely, calm, confident and very clever. She wants to please and responds well to training. Kim has been helpful since collecting her with additional advice and suggestions. She is a healthy and gorgeous puppy and I can’t recommend Regency Reds enough. 



We began working with Kim in spring of 2020 to find a pup for our family. Our youngest has complex health needs and is a hemiplegic and we wanted a dog that could be a calming force and not part of the chaos.  

Kim was very helpful and made sure the temperament testing took this in to account  and along with the behaviourist she works with they  choose a pup that would help our Charlie and our family as a whole. 

In the summer of 2021 we brought Lilly home and the magic began. I had an  accident  just a month later that left me bed bound and then in a wheelchair. Lilly understood my limitations instantly and took my absence in her stride and began bonding with the dog walkers that took over  her walks, the nanny that was suddenly responsible for her training and everyone else that chipped in to help. 

The special thing about Lilly is she makes everyone think she is “their dog”. Everyone in her life would say that they are Lillys  favourite. She has so much love and happiness to share. 

Besides being clever and easy to train she is so well socialised by Kim and has such a brilliant foundation that she was almost foolproof and destined to become such a lovely
Family dog. 


We couldn’t be happier with this gem and feel lucky to have had Kim’s guidance and support. 




Teddy is an incredibly affectionate, loving, clever and confident dog beyond our expectation. He loves to play and cuddle and from the first day he was used to different sounds, extremely friendly even with my children one is disabled and teddy is his little companion whenever harry is having an off day teddy will go and be near harry to Give him cuddles. Kim’s done a great job in the first two months bringing up a content puppy.

 We called him teddy and to whoever we meet along our walks they say Isn’t he gorgeous and he looks like a teddy bear. We could not recommend Regency Reds more highly to anyone looking for a great furry contribution to their family.



“Binky  is an incredibly affectionate, loving, clever and confident dog beyond our expectation. She loves to play , cuddle and make eye contact with people. From the first day she was used to different sounds,  extremely friendly to everyone including  children and very quick at learning  almost everything we taught her.

Clearly Kim’s done a great job in the first two months bringing up a content puppy. She is now seven months old and has not had any health problems at all. Her hair is just the softest fleece and never sheds which makes our life so easy living in a city apartment.

She is known as the teddy bear and admired by everyone in our neighbourhood. We could not recommend Regency Reds more highly to anyone looking for a great furry contribution to their family.”

Scot and Duru



Kim adores her dogs and our puppy is just the best. He was already crate trained when we collected him and adjusted well to living within our family. Kim gave us loads of advice and he had already had his first set of jabs and came home with food to get him started and a brush and toy which he still plays with. We had a 3 year old when Rambo arrived and so they’re growing up together and are the bestest of friends.

Rambo’s gentle nature I believe was down to the wonderful start he had in Kim's Care, it’s so important to find a dog from a breeder that loves their job and the animals they’re  breeding. Rambo really is testament to Kim’s loving environment.


We love him so much!



We are really happy with the contact we have had with Kim, right from the beginning and with the way she manages the whole adoption process.

Exports are not always straightforward and even when things got slightly complicated, Kim persevered and was always her kind optimistic self on the other end of the line. We couldn’t be happier with Sizzles temperament as it is evident that he is in his element when he’s close to us, interacting with other people young and old and of course playing with other dogs.

The fact that the dogs parents are health tested is reassuring and we also appreciate Kim’s approach to neutering. Sizzles coat deserves a special mention. It is the softest of fleece and so far has been really easy to manage and rarely ever matts. The colour too is really beautiful and everyone compliments us about it, even the vet, each time we visit.

Just yesterday a lady stopped her car in the middle of the road to ask about him and to tell us how handsome he looks, while he sat happily and savoured all the compliments.

Jeantide, Alfred and Matteo ‘Luxemboarg’



We had been looking for a labradoodle for a long time and wanted to be sure that we had made the right choice regarding a breeder. My husband discovered Regency Reds Australian Labradoodles online and immediately fell in love with their look and colour. Kim was so helpful right from our first contact and we were reassured that she needed to be sure that her puppies’ new owners would be responsible and provide a safe caring home. She kept in regular contact with us after Charlie was born and sent photographs to show his development right up until he was old enough for us to visit him for the first time.

Collecting him was made very easy for us by Kim and the handover process was fully documented.

Charlie is a super puppy; full of energy, really sociable and a lot of fun. Kim clearly did a great job of of accustoming him to the surprising sounds of daily life as he has coped very well with his first encounters with police sirens, thunder storms and the vacuum cleaner!

We would definitely recommend Kim as a responsible and caring breeder and would definitely return for a little brother or sister for Charlie!

Steve and Rainier


“We couldn’t be more in love with our sweet Ginger! She is an awesome pup with such a great personality! Besides, she always gets compliments for being a good and beautiful dog.


Kim is very helpful and knowledgeable, and honest breeder. She did an impeccable job sending Ginger to Brazil. I highly recommend Regency Reds to everyone!”

Aline ‘Brazil’



Bodhi is not quite 8 months old but it seems like we have always had him!


He is so clever and has such a fun and loving personality. Everywhere we take him people always comment on what a gorgeous and unusual colour he is and also how calm he is for his age.


Kim is a lovely breeder who obviously cares a great deal for her dogs and is always on hand if you need her.


I would recommend a Regency Reds puppy to anyone.



Ludo is such a special part of the family, he is very gentle and favourite with pupils at the school from little ones in reception to the big ones in the sixth form.

Ludo’s favourite way to spend the evening is curled up with the girls and our other dog watching a film. He learns fast and loves being taught new tricks to earn a treat.

He is also fantastic with all other dogs and with all our other animals from guinea pigs to ponies.

We felt assured buying from Kim, that the puppies had had the utmost care and Ludo’s parents had been carefully health tested, meaning he had the chance of a long and healthy life.

Sarah and James



We are taking Eric to badminton horse trials this week and I know I will lose count of the number of people who say”what a lovely colour he is like a teddy bear”!

Vicky L

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