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Code of ethics

Code of ethics
  • All puppies at Regency Reds Australian Labradoodles are born and raised in the family home therefor being exposed to everyday sounds and experiences and learning socialisation with family and friends.

  • We only breed from health tested parents, who will have been hip and elbow scored, DNA tested for a range of diseases associated with the breed and they will have had a BVA eye test. Please refer to the Health Testing page to read more about the tests.

  • We only breed from dogs with good temperaments understanding the important traits that need to be passed down the line.

  • We feed our dogs only the best quality food, please see feeding page.

  • All our puppies will be vet checked before leaving for their new homes. They will have been regularly wormed during their first eight weeks.

  • All puppies will be microchipped and registered with the Animal Tracker database.

  • All puppies will have started toilet training

  • Puppies are sold as PETS ONLY. Contract will be given on sale stating a time to have your dog neutered or spayed by.

  • Breeding stock available to responsible and experienced breeders, (at our discretion) new owners would enter into a different contract where you would sign to do all the health testing for the breed and meet the same high standards that we offer you.

  • We will never sell dogs to pet shops or third parties. The dog you buy should be for you and not to sell on to anyone.

  • We highly recommend you insure your puppy before collecting him/her. We are able to give you 5 weeks free Agria insurance starting from when you collect your puppy. Please ask for details.

  • If your circumstance change and you need to re-home your puppy, we will do our very best to find your puppy a suitable loving home. In this circumstance we would discuss whether it is better for puppy to stay with you or to stay with us or a foster carer until a suitable home is found. Any monies would be passed onto you less deposit and any expenses.

  • Please look on the website for information on feeding, exercise and taking care of your puppy.

  • When you visit your puppy at 5/6 weeks old, you will meet mum and dad where possible and of course the other puppies from the litter.

  • Deposit is non-refundable unless we let you down, then a full refund would be given. If we feel on the day of viewing, that you would not be a suitable owner for one of our puppies, we reserve the right to refuse to sell you a puppy and would return your deposit in full.

  • We offer lifelong after care and advice for your new puppy.

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