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Australian Labradoodle care


Your Australian Labradoodle like any other dog is special and deserves to be looked after in the best possible way, he has had a great start to life and been given all the love and care possible. His parents were chosen because of their good health and wonderful temperaments.

Please make sure you carry on this first class care and give him a happy loving home.

Regency Reds Grooming


Australian Labradoodle coats have many benefits in that they are allergen friendly, don’t shed and rarely give off ‘doggy odour’. BUT this comes at a price as they are not maintenance free. Whether you plan to groom your doodle yourself or take her to the groomers you will still need to brush her regularly and keep on top of the mats that form, these tangles of hair are caused by dirt, burrs, places where collar rubs or joint friction e.g.: under armpits, also between the toes are a place to check. This is worse when puppy’s coat is changing to adult, anytime between 10 months and 2 years. After this time it should become easier to manage.


If you don’t keep her mat free, she will become very uncomfortable as the mats will pull on her skin, it will easily get out of hand and become just too big a job to tackle. You will then end up taking her to the groomer who will have no choice but to clip her coat really short, this happens all the time, don’t let it happen to your beautiful dog.


You shouldn’t bath a dog who’s coat is matted as this just makes it much worse because the mats clump together.


To tackle these mats you will need some tools, inferior or wrong choice of grooming tools can actually damage or weaken a dogs coat. You will need a normal slicker brush and a triangular one (for the trickier areas) large and small metal combs, mat splitter, scissors and de-tangling spray. You may find you don’t get on with some of these tools or you find alternatives better, it really comes down to whatever works best for you and your dog.

If you have a grooming table or a grooming mat for your kitchen to stand your dog on all the better, as it will be far more comfortable for you and you’ll be less likely to end up with an aching back. Firstly, brush using the slicker brush, trying to brush out any tangles. When you come to a mat, gently try to ease the mat out with the comb or slicker brush, if this doesn’t work use some anti tangle spray, gently massaging in, then go back in a few minutes time and try again, if it still doesn’t budge then you may need to use the mat-splitter or, if in a place that doesn’t show, gently cut out with the scissors Being very careful of delicate skin. Be careful not to over brush or be too forceful in sensitive areas of your dog. Then comb through your dogs coat working from the ends right through to the roots, parting the hair if need be to make sure the comb has gone through all layers.


If you plan to take your Australian Labradoodle to the groomers of course as well as grooming they will bath and clip your dogs nails, but if you intend to do this yourself, check the nails every few weeks if they are sharp and pointy at the ends, then just clip the end off (if unsure watch a youtube video) Bathing needs to only be once every 6 weeks or couple of months.


If you are taking your Australian Labradoodle to the groomers, be sure to check that they are going to do an Australian Labradoodle clip as you don’t want your beautiful Regency Red Australian Labradoodle coming out looking like a poodle or Cockapoo.

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