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Puppies available

Puppies Available

Puppies Available

Lists are now open for 2024 and 2025, for more information about joining the waiting list to own one of these delightful dogs please email

Please check this page from time to time as there are likely to be puppies available from litters where

there are more puppies born than were expected.

Those on the Regency Red list will be invited to an open day, (usually September and April) you'll be able to meet the dogs, see all the health certificates, ask us any questions.
This is also an opportunity for me to find out a bit more about you. Then we decide on which litter due to size, colouring and timing will be best suited to you. You are then added to that list.

Puppies Available

The waiting list

Puppies are sold as pets only and cost £3,000. We ask for a £300 non-returnable holding fee, paid when you are added to the list. Your puppy would then be reserved for you. Balance of £2,700 paid when puppy is six weeks old

When puppies are a few days old we will start a dedicated WhatsApp group where we will post regular updates, photos and videos. This will be private access only to those families allocated a puppy from the litter. 

Puppy will spend his first few weeks as part of the family, getting used to all the noises and the hustle and bustle, he/she'll listen to desensitisation sounds from 4 weeks old getting used to all sorts of different sounds from babies crying to dustbin lorries, at six weeks old they will venture out into a safe part of the garden and/or indoor playroom with various toys gaining lots of new experiences.

You’ll be able to visit the mum and puppies when they are between 5 -6 weeks old. At this time you will also be able to see health certificates from both parents. Puppies will be temperament tested at 7 weeks old. To help puppies find the right home, and for families to have a puppy that fits in with their needs we will choose a puppy for each family, this will be based on observing the puppy over eight weeks and the results from the temperament testing. You will get to come and take home your puppy when it is 8 weeks old.

They will go to their new homes having been vet checked, and had their first vaccination. They will have been wormed regularly. The puppies will be microchipped. In the puppy packs there will be a grooming kit (metal comb and slicker brush), cuddly toy and blanket with mum and siblings scent on it. 

List is now open for  2025, for more information about joining the waiting list to own one of these delightful dogs please email

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