Regency Reds

Regency Reds Australian Labradoodles

Journey Home

If this is your puppy’s first car journey it could be quite frightening for him with the new and strange, sites, sounds and smells. Decide whether you are going to bring him home using a crate or on the lap of a passenger, both have advantages. Personally I prefer to have puppy on someones lap just for this first journey as he will feel comforted by being gently stroked and spoken to. Cover your lap and any upholstery with a towel or sheet. Take some paper towels, wet wipes and a plastic bag too, just in case he is car sick. Regency Red breeders would not normally give a feed if its within two hours of travelling.

Have a toy, towel or piece of bedding with you that has been rubbed in mum and siblings scent. This will help puppy settle.

For longer trips stop for bathroom breaks and stretching. Remember to keep your puppy away from areas where other dogs may have been, until he has had his complete course of vaccinations. Until this time your puppy is susceptible to a number of diseases. A good idea is to take a newspaper with you to lay on the ground for puppy to use. Offer some water to drink as he may be thirsty.

A travel crate is recommended for future journeys as it provides a familiar and secure environment for him to travel.