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Leaving Puppy Alone

All dog/puppy owners find it occasionally necessary to leave their pet home alone. To prevent separation anxiety it is best to introduce puppy to being left alone early in its life.

Start by Making sure when you are at home there are periods of play and activity, but also regular quiet times, rewarding him when he is behaving quietly with quiet praise and perhaps a treat.

Then start leaving your puppy alone for short periods of time, while you are in the house, going upstairs or just into another room. Say five minutes, gradually increasing the time. Try to return to puppy when he is not crying or barking. Always make sure puppy has plenty of toys, a good idea is to leave empty cardboard boxes too, so he has a variety of new and interesting things to keep him occupied.

Do make leaving and returning uneventful, if you make a big fuss of him with lots of hugs he’ll presume its a big deal. When you return, if its possible to wait until he is calm to greet him thats better, otherwise he could learn to be excitable and jump up when guests arrive too. Of course if he is a young puppy you may need to get him outside to go to the toilet before he has an accident.

Most dogs want to be close to their humans and Australian Labradoodles particularly so, as they have been bred to be our perfect companions, so early training is this area is very important to lesson any anxiety.