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Socialising Puppy

It’s very important to socialise your puppy at an early age so that he or she can relate to as many different people and other animals as possible. It is also crucial to get them used to as many different events, environments and situations as possible too. This will ensure your dog grows up to be emotionally well adjusted. Puppies that are not well socialised may grow up to be fearful of different environments and new experiences. Frightened dogs will often bite, so work put in now will help your puppy become a well rounded, friendly and happy dog.

The younger the puppy is when you start socialising it the easier it will be. This is because when faced with a new situation the older the puppy is generally the more cautious he is. Start between 3 and 12 weeks and continue until a year old. Breeders  from Regency Reds Australian Labradoodles will start socialising your puppy  from three weeks the litter will be handled by family members and friends, they’ll be socialised with other dogs and played ‘sound’ cd’s which will include sounds such as the hoover, fireworks, traffic, children playing etc.

Once your puppy has settled into his new home, begin slowly taking him out and about as much as possible, let him meet as many different types of human ie: children, old people, men with beards, other races. Take him out to see the bin collection lorry, a tractor, an ice cream van, wait outside a primary school so so he can be amongst the noise of laughing excited children. All encounters should be pleasant, if he is shy with strangers perhaps ask them to give him a titbit. Watch puppy constantly for signs of anxiety or of being overwhelmed and if things get too much remove puppy from the situation and try again at a later date or just give him more space to explore in his own time.

Keep him safe from infectious diseases, by not putting his feet on the ground until he has had his full course of injections. And only let him socialise with other dogs who are up to date with their vaccinations. You should carefully introduce your puppy to other dogs and puppies, ensure first that these dogs are safe around puppies as a bad experience is worse than none at all.