Regency Reds

Regency Reds Australian Labradoodles

Veterinary Exam and Vaccination

Do some research before choosing a vet, it will give you an idea of which you prefer, you can compare prices, also some practices hold puppy socialisation classes that can be fun and good for puppy to start meeting other young dogs.

You will need to visit the vets with your puppy within the first few days of his arrival, he will have already had a vet check at the breeders veterinary practice, but you should also take your new puppy to your own vet to confirm he is in good health. Until puppy is fully vaccinated remember to always carry puppy to and from the vets in your arms to avoid any risk of infection.

The vet will routinely scan your puppy to check he has a microchip (this will have already been implanted by your breeder). Then puppy will have a thorough examination checking eyes, ears, mouth, coat, abdomen will be checked, also puppy’s heart and breathing.

Your breeder may or may not have had the first vaccination done for your puppy, it depends what vaccine their veterinary practise uses and whether it is the same as that which your own vet has. It needs to be the same otherwise your vet will start a whole new course and this isn’t good for puppy to have more than is necessary. So check out what your breeder does, and if necessary book puppy in for health check and first vac, within a couple of days of taking him home.

The vet will probably discuss with you, worming, flea treatments, feeding and neutering, we recommend about ten months for this, ask your vet for information on this and remember you will need to get a conformation letter from your vets to pass on to your breeder when this procedure has been completed.

To help make visiting the vets an enjoyable time for your puppy, make a fuss of him and always have some treats on you to give to him if he gets at all anxious.